Davis Raps!

Posted by Davis on Josh Roger’s Sat, April 20 article, “Two Words You Can Say To Jesus”

Reproduced here in it’s entirety:

It was another Saturday night and most of the gang was all here…

Mocking and laughing ….as usual trying to incite fear…

With Todd missing in action that just left them Josh

They could still tilt their noses cuz they knew they were posh.

Shroudy was here with his ghaaay Santa hat…

And mondo was too…claiming Christians were fat…

And dana was using another account, probably his 7th or 8th.

I knew he’d be here too, all it took was some faith…

Hour after hour, it went on most of the night….

Some comments were just silly but most had some bite.

Even strangers came in and they fed with the rest…

beating their chests like they were the best…

So it was mission accomplished, they all set their sights….

Nothing more important than getting their “likes”….


Word to your mother, G. Big ups to the pudding cups.



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