Support Alyssa Rupp!

Support Alyssa Rupp!

A Valley View, PA teacher is under fire because the father of one of her students took offense to the fact that she wrote a message to him on his son’s math assignment calling the student’s effort “pathetic”.

Instead of meeting with the teacher, or the administration, Dad iran to social media and Change.Org to create a petition demanding that the teacher be fired.  Of course, in doing so, he deliberately cropped the photo of his kid’s paper so that you wouldn’t see that the student only answered 13 of the 50 problems (and got two of them wrong) in the allotted 3 minutes.

Was the teacher’s choice of words inappropriate?  Maybe. But that’s not the issue here – the father, being an adult and a parent, should have addressed it immediately with the teacher.  Instead he acted like a petulant little teenager posting the message and his son’s name all over the internet and inadvertently ended up humiliating his own child.

The only way to defeat passive-aggressiveness is with more snarky passive-aggressiveness.  So please, click the link and sign the petition.

Support Alyssa Rupp!

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