TS-13 is a society of scholars dedicated to the study and commentary of the works of Todd Starnes and other articles on Fox News.
TS-13 is not constrained by race.
TS-13 is not constrained by gender.
TS-13 is not definable as liberal or conservative.
TS-13 insists upon a sense of humor.
TS-13 can be contacted on Fox News comment sections.
TS-13 membership is by invitation only.


*Please consult your witch doctor to see if TS-13 is right for you.  Do not bend, fold or mutilate TS-13.  TS-13 is for recreational use only.  Parental guidance is suggested.  TS-13 is freshest if eaten by date printed on carton.   Please only use TS-13 in well-ventilated area.  Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or events, past, present or future, is completely intentional.  Warranty void in Delaware.  Your mileage may vary, some assembly required, batteries not included, five…. golden…. rings.

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