2084. Mad Todd: The Ranch Warrior, Parts 3 and 4

By: The 5th Dentist

Scene 3

[Open on night-time in the dining tent of the settlers’ camp. Torches light the faces of people arguing.]

Todd: There is no reason to stay here. We have no Ranch!

Cults and Flowers: What are you talking about, Todd? We have gasoline. That is what is important.

[Todd is overwhelmed by a growling noise and falls into a trance.]

ThereIWas (telepathically): Here. I. Am. You must lead them, Todd. Trust your instincts. Go to the Ranch!

[Argument between settlers fades into foreground as Todd snaps awake and stands up.]

Todd: We take the gas. And we go. But, we leave a surprise for the Horde. Come with me. We must prepare.

[Montage begins to the tune of Europe’s Final Countdown.
…Settlers load gasoline into buses.
…MaryJane directs children fabricating crosses from sticks.
…Exspecting wipes sweat from her brow as she works underneath the last bus.
…Todd eats the remaining food so that it can’t be taken.
…The sun rises as the last exhausted settlers load up onto the three buses.]

[Flash to a caravan driving across the desert.]

[Flash back to the abandoned camp. The horde enters and finds nothing. But stick crosses fly out of traps, piercing and burning members of the evil horde.]

[Flash to angry, bloodied horde leaving the camp; fast; in the tracks of the caravan.]

Scene 4

[Open on AlienNation looking out the back of the last bus.]

AlienNation (Over radio): Todd, they’re on our trail! Can we go any faster?

Todd: Exspecting! Can we go any faster?

Exspecting: I’m giving it all I’ve got, Todd.

Todd (Over radio): Try to hold them off, Alien.

[Just as Todd releases the microphone button, he hears screams on the other end. Todd looks in the rear-view mirror to see the third bus flipping in a cloud of dust, tires riddled with arrows.]

Todd (Over radio): JW? Are you on the second bus? You know what you have to do if they catch you.

JW58 (Over radio): Yes Todd. We have the gasoline. They will not have it.

Todd (Over radio): God Bless You, JW.

[Todd looks again in the rear view to see a grappling hook on a chain attach to the second bus. Pulled to tip over, the bus slides to a stop. All but a few of the Horde swarm around the second bus. A disheveled member of the horde yells out to the others, “Gasoline!”…as the flames erupt behind him. The fireball consumes all behind the first bus, except for three vehicles from the horde.]

Todd: (In a clever action hero quip moment) Some like it hot.

[The remaining settlers on the first bus race to stay ahead of the evil horde. MaryJane spots an opening door in the wall and calls out to Todd.]

MaryJane: There’s a door! We can escape.

Todd: It could also be a trap!

[A ghostly paw slaps Todd across the face, pulling him into a dream state.]

ThereIwas (telepathically): It is a trap, Todd. But it is the only way forward for you. Trust the Ranch You must follow these steps…

[Bear’s speaking gives way to the noise of engines and MaryJane screaming, and slapping him. Todd, glassy-eyed, returns to reality.]

MaryJane: Todd! Snap out of it! [SLAP] Are we going in?

Todd: Hang on!

[Todd yanks the steering wheel and the bus fishtails to the right…aiming for the door. Gamer spins in the turret to fire the last few acorns at the horde. The horde, strangely, does not turn to follow.]

Gamer: Why are they running Todd? What is through that door? I don’t like the look of this.

Todd: Trust me gang. Trust the Ranch!

[The camera zooms out and up as the bus drives, leaving a trail of dust leading toward the door. And the camera fades to black.]

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