By Cultsandflowers

Animal obits should be a thing more often I think.  Or maybe it’s just that, for a pet and a cat, she really did have an interesting life.

Born in 2001 or 2002, to a feral mum and dad, and found at about the age of 1 with kittens, Emily came into my life via a listing in the Seattle Newspaper by people who rescued and rehomed “mouser” cats.  Her name they had given her was Sally, “because of the song, and she has such long legs.”

Renamed, and settled into her new digs, Emily turned out to not be much of a mouser.  Caught one baby mouse in the 2-3 years we were at the house she was brought in to help with the problem. James Scott I’ll never forget the day we caught her with your pouch of Top rolling tobacco in her mouth and she was running across the room like a maniac.

She’s had so many adventures and friends.  From the weeks Opalo Mekkelsen watched her at my old studio on Boren, to the summer she spent with Rich Joslin in Portland, Oregon, to the year she spent living with Brendan Bigley Evan Evanovich and Ronn Benway.

When she was flown from Seattle to Texas, solo, she had a layover in Ohio.  Bitch been to a state I ain’t never even been to.

Then there was the time my mom had cancer and my grandma and I were driving out to see my mom for 2 weeks and brought her along (ex…we see why, now, the ex part….didnt want to have to take care of her during that time), and we snuck her into hotels along the way.  Went the whole trip never once crated or caged up.  She was just that chill.  And then it turned out my moms cancer and chemo was worse than we all thought, and my grandma stayed in vegas, and I flew back to texas, and Emily stayed with Catherine Hutchison and Phyllis Martin the whole time.  She even went along with them to a classic film festival in Hollywood (well, she stayed in the hotel), and gma to this day gets a kick out of thinking of her and my mom smuggling her into yet another hotel room.

I realize now she was something of a Buddah to me, and my only regret is that I didnt realize it sooner.  She used to nip ap me whenever I would be agitated or angry about something.  She really didnt care for that energy coming from me, I guess.

She’s had dog friends, cat friends, and human friends along the way, and she’ll live on in memory.  Even if just for our lifetimes anyway.

Rest in peace, Emily.  You chill ass bitch.

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