This Week’s Ranchy Award Goes To…

The 5th Dentist!

In the interest of posterity, I am submitting my first ever Hat Trick on Fox News.
The top three comments and four of the top ten in one article.
“NYC ‘poop train’ sitting idle in Alabama has become a ‘nightmare’ for residents, mayor says”

And now the comments…
#9. Railroad employees will be doody-bound to clean up this mess.

#3. I think we should start a petition to send the poop train back to NYC.

Like this comment if you agree.
[I’d like to thank Bear for the formula]

#2. Of all the poop train articles, I think this is number two.

#1. It’s a wonder so many New Yorkers manage to produce that much with their heads blocking the exit.

[Jokes at New Yorkers’ expense are sure fire among Fox News readers.]

I’d like to thank Fox News for providing the stage for me to exhibit such greatness. I will post an update once my achievement badge arrives.

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