The Custodian Part III

By JM2814

Todd made his way toward the faculty restrooms, collecting trash and recycling along the way and depositing it into his single large bin.

The door to a classroom opened ahead and out walked Coach Carr, looking slightly disheveled, red-faced, and breathing heavily.

“What luck” thought Todd. Everybody loved the football coach (and sex-ed teacher), even though the Fighting Gamecocks were coming off a sub-par season. The two hadn’t actually spoken before, but Todd just knew if they had an opportunity to meet they would become bosom buddies forever.

“Hi Coach, how are the ‘Cocks looking this year”

Coach Carr, not having noticed Todd’s approach, jumped back. “Oh, hi there…” but unable to read the name on Todd’s stained shirt he just stopped.

“I’m Todd coach, Todd Starnes. I’m new to the school but I sent you several emails this summer. I also got your number from the staff directory and sent you a text or two”

Oh god, it’s HIM thought Coach, the stalker that’s been sending me messages. A text or two? More like a dozen each and every day. He’s the one who always seems to know where I was the night before.

“Uh, Hi Todd, pleased to meet you. I think we’re primed for a great season. Have a solid core of returning players, and a few surprises joining the team too.”

“Good to hear coach, have you thought about my offer to help the team? I’m happy to do anything to help out. In fact, you can call me ‘Happy’ if you want. It’s a nickname I reserve for only my special, best friends to use.”

“Well, gee, hmm. Let me think. My coaching positions are all filled but I’ll keep that in mind. That may be something to talk about next year. Maybe you can join the boosters and help the team out that way?”

“Oh, OK Coach. Guess it’s a bit late to join your staff now. Wish you had responded to one of my messages. It would have worked out so much better. For both of us.”


“And the team of course coach. I grew up loving the team and want nothing more than to help our ‘Cocks grow and become stronger.”

The door to the sex-ed classroom opens, and out walks a petite Asian female student. She stops, sees Todd and the Coach, and walks hurriedly away in the other direction.

Todd’s eyes narrow. He turns. “You sure you don’t have a role for me Coach?”

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