The Custodian Part II

By: JM2814

Todd walked down the hall carrying a several issues of The Daily Faberian. It was just as he suspected…the students weren’t writing about any real news.

“The Prom?” he snorted. “Commencement speakers? Who cares about this stuff? No wonder this paper’s circulation is so low.”


“And their website? Abysmal.”


“They don’t even have GIFs in the comments.”


Todd, startled, looks up to see Edna Garrett, Head Custodian, and the meanest old redheaded lady he’d ever had the displeasure of meeting bearing down on him.

“Todd, where have you been? You were supposed to clean the faculty restrooms first thing this morning before all the teachers show up.”

Todd glared, but quickly looked down when greeted by the much stronger glare of his boss.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Garrett. After I ran the flag up the flagpole this morning I just felt the need to stand there in awe of Old Glory for awhile. And then I got hungry and ran across the street to The Fruited Plain for a quick bite. Today is biscuits and gravy day you know.”

Mrs. Garrett sighed. This wasn’t the first time Todd had disappointed her and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. But she did respect his patriotism and had to admit The Fruited Plain served up the best breakfast in Faber.

“Try to stay focused and on schedule Todd. You have a job to do. A very important job. Without The Custodians this school wouldn’t be able to function. Kids can’t focus on education in a filthy school.”

“Education? You mean indoctrination” Todd thought to himself, but his face showed only a pleasant smile.

“I know Mrs. Garrett, I know. And I’ll hustle over to the faculty restrooms now. They’ll be done before you know it.”

“Thanks Todd, I’ll check in with you later”

Todd turned slowly, and wheeled his trash can away from Mrs. Garrett whispering “Oh yes, lots of things will be done before you know it Mrs. Garrett.

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