Unlikely Alliance: Intermission is Almost Over


No, that is not a strobe light.

Rub your eyes, drag yourself out of your deep winters slumber and take a look around. There’s red velvet ropes partitioning off the emergency exits, brass handrails leading up the wide stairways to the second floor balcony and extra large mirrors hung in gaudy gold frames on the sweeping walls.

Either you are still in the midst of that luxurious dream you were having, or you are in the lobby of the theater you found yourself in awhile back.

The house lights are flashing, indicating that the show inside will be resuming shortly. There’s still time to grab an Uber and be on your way, or to get on line at the snack bar and load up on essentials. Whatever your craving is, choose your treats and beverages wisely. You don’t want to end up with something that just doesn’t hit the spot while you try to figure out whats going on.

Its always about the food, isn’t it?

You might have forgotten some of the first act of this show, so lets recap in the hopes that you wont find a too comfortable position in that cramped theater seat you are occupying and fall back to sleep.

A rag-tag coalition of concerned citizens has been working together to subvert the plans of a popular author who appears to have a devious plan. A supposed Staunch Conservative with a healthy following, He encourages one and all to think, act, and above all, Eat as he does.

The writer in question has been advertising his work in progress in order to build expectations and pump up pre-sales of his soon to be published best seller. The Alliance has come to the conclusion that the mass distribution of His latest work will fundamentally change an unknowing and unsuspecting populace.

Various members of the group have met up, gone on excursions and engaged in thievery over the span of a few months. Each has brought their particular areas of expertise to the table. A few have backgrounds in the science and horticultural fields, some have participated in home renovations and delivery of supplies, while others have worked in the part time vocation of detective work and social reform.

After a gathering over a Thanksgiving feast, their objectives have become more pressing and clearer cut. The accidental introduction of a betrayer into their midst has caused confusion, but has allowed  important information to be shared by TT Davis, mostly an unknown and a somewhat mysterious, yet important member of the group. Between what Happy, the surprise guest, has revealed and what the Davis with the sunglasses has shared, groups of alliance members have departed from an old church to head to Pennsylvania.

And then, there’s Mary.

Far ahead in the story, she is moving about in a house that is not her own, preparing for the end game. Like many others, she thought that there was more time for planning, but the repeated ringing of the doorbell has made it clear that there is not. Crouched on the kitchen floor among shards of porcelain and pieces of a new, now broken coffee maker, the lone Alliance member makes the only choice she can. Persist, or go down in flames trying.

The radio in the living room is tuned to the local rock radio station, broadcasting the greatest hits of local talent and the music seems to calm the panic welling up inside of her. They have gotten up to the letter “T” in their alphabetical list of songs and are currently playing one of Marys favorites.
They have chosen a concert recording from The Hammersmith Odeon, way back from 1975.

As Mary rises, slow and steady, the song plays on…

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