Unlikely Alliance: Intermission


The house lights are up, so this might be a good time to stretch your legs. The first act was probably longer than anyone, including the author, had anticipated or planned on. That’s what happens when a story takes on a life of its own. There’s still more tale to tell and scenes to be played out, so if you want to come back after the break, there’s sure to be an open seat.

In the meantime, use the facilities provided, whichever one works for you. Hopefully, there wont be a line.

The snack bar is open. Seasonal baked goods filling the air with cinnamon and spice, hearty foods that stick to your ribs and give strength on biting days, and warm drinks to fight off the winter chill. The old staples are available, too. Sometimes a down home meal hits the spot. Just be sure you know who’s making it and what recipe they’re using. Not a good time to be throwing caution to the wind.

Out in the lobby, there’s a celebration going on. Family and friends gearing up for their favorite time of year. A Merry This and a Happy That, people spreading joy in their own special ways. More than one person ticking off the days passing by on the calendar inside their head, wondering how to get everything done, yet good cheer is the order of the day.

The music playing in the background is set to a perfect volume. Not loud enough to hinder that conversation you’re in the middle of, but not low enough that you cant hear the melody of that song you remember from when you were a child. There’s new music, too, songs that maybe you haven’t heard before, but they catch your interest just the same.

‘Tis the season for faith, hope and love.


White Wine in the Sun

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