Five Minute Stories, Entry 5


Todd slowly drifted in and out of consciousness, suddenly his eyes snapped opened his hands automatically went to his stomach where earlier he’d taken the blast from the grenade that was meant for JW. Smiling ruefully he wondered why he’d done that, laughing he knew why.

I should be dead he thought to himself..…

He heard a chuckle behind him, actually thought Todd the sound seemed to come from within him and from behind him. “Well done” came the voice from inside, “not many people realize that” the voice continued, “No let me rephrase that as I very rarely meet people in person”, “you are only one of two people since the dawn of time to realize that”. “I wonder why” thought Todd, that damn chuckle again sounded from within and behind, “I must remember to stop doing that”. “Good idea” came the voice, “I’m the nice God, you really don’t want to think those thoughts around my Brother”.

“So what happened” said Todd, finding it easier to say it instead of thinking it, “less likely to make any mistakes” he thought, “damn….” The God raised an eyebrow.

“Ah yes, you didn’t see what your actions made possible”. Todd felt the floor lurch as the God replayed everything that had happened after he’d leapt on the grenade. Feeling sick the floor lurched again as it reached the end, Todd smiled to himself, “I knew JW would make it” he thought, this time not worrying that the God would hear. The God smiled, “All of this was possible because of your selfless act Todd, sometimes you humans surprise me”. “Sometimes I surprise myself” said Todd, unconsciously feeling his stomach.

“So what happens now” said Todd, “Am I alive?”. “Kind of” said the God, “however we can change that”, the God smiled, “for the better of course” noticing the pained look on Todd’s face.

Todd lay on the damp grass, it was night and he could hear the sounds of the nearby road, the stars looked wonderful, breathing the cool night air Todd got up and started walking, it was a long way to where JW and Wendy lived.

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