Moksha At The End Of Time, Chapter IV


Wendy waited for news on JW and Todd, Major Jim Fellows-Milne had mobilized special forces and the Sussex police had diverted any available personnel in the search. Minutes turned to what seemed like hours to Wendy when suddenly the phone rang on her desk. “Williams here” she said to the caller, trying to sound more positive than she felt. “Ma’am” said the voice on the other end, “We’ve found the car”. Wendy felt her legs giving way, “Have you found the occupants”. In what seemed like millennia but was in fact seconds the voice at the other end of the phone answered, “No Ma’am”, Relief flooded through her, Wendy found she was shaking. Pull yourself together she thought, you’re head of MI5. “Ma’am, hello Ma’am”, Wendy became aware that the caller was still on the phone”, “Go on” she said. “They’ve found the tracks of two men leaving the water”. “Thanks, and keep me updated” said Wendy, “One other thing Ma’am there are also tracks of another person, it seems that he stood for a while where the car went through the fence”, Wendy hung up, relief flooding through her, JW and Todd were still alive, she thought, yet she was somehow unnerved by the officers last statement.

Luckily the Jag had sunk and settled on the river bed on it’s wheels, Todd knew that had the car flipped they’d still be in it. Fighting the urge to try to push the door open against the pressure of the water. Todd had managed to persuade JW to wait, it was the longest minute in their lives as the freezing cold waters had risen inside the car, Todd studied JW closely in case he had to take action should JW panic. All the while the tide had pushed the car under the bridge and away from the occupant of the other car. Taking a deep breath just as the waters filled the car Todd pushed the door open with his feet and they both swam out. Making for the far bank under cover of the bridge they crawled out.

Shivering, Todd and JW walked across the fields hoping that the darkness would shield them from any prying eyes, somehow Todd knew that it was far from finished where the other guy was concerned, first at the house and then at the river, he didn’t think that he’d give up this easily. Todd was musing to himself about how the other guy always seemed to know where they were going and had failed to see the dark shadow detach itself from the trees up ahead, silently the watcher had stooped briefly by a wooden bridge over a rill that Todd and JW had to cross up ahead, depositing what looked like a small metal object under it.

Looking back at the bridge they could both see lights and activity where they’d crashed through the barrier into the river, neither knew who it was and felt it best to carry on on their own. Trust no one thought Todd. Approaching the small bridge the moon glinted off the metal object hidden there, Todd recognised what it was and dived for JW.

Taking the full effects of the blast Todd had grabbed JW spinning him round using his own body to protect his friend. They say that your last thoughts are seeing your life flash before you, Todd smiled to himself, he wouldn’t wish this on anyone, unable to stand he collapsed, caught by JW before he hit the ground. The look in his friends eyes as he held him said more than any words could, Todd knew that this was the end.

Holding Todd close, JW could see his life ebbing away, tears streamed down his face as finally the light in Todd’s eyes faded away. His friend had given his life so that he may live, saying a prayer he gently closed Todd’s eyes.

Looking up his eyes locked with the occupant of the car that had followed them.

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