Spoiler Alert!

By 5th Dentist

That will be $750. Do you have Venmo?”
I worked out the payment with my latest client and he left out the back door of the small coffee shop where we met. They usually go quietly. Puzzled. Put off. Unsure what to do with what they learn.

I wasn’t always in the business of telling people how and when they would die. I used to be a dentist, actually. But it became so monotonous. After studying popular documentaries, I saw that the ebb and flow of supernatural interest was flowing quite well. I may never be a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but I know an opportunity when I see one.

So a first client. And a referral. And a second and third. And so forth. My 147th client just left with the knowledge that he would pass away in 17 years of food poisoning. I checked the rest of my agenda for the day.

I watched a man leave his seat at the counter to use the restroom, so I got up and left $20 at my table. I walked by the counter and dropped the man’s keys in my pocket as I left the cafe. Pleased to see the lights of a Tesla blink when I pressed the lock button, I hopped in and silently left the parking lot.

I put on the radio and heard that Information Society song, “Tell Me What’s on Your Mind”. I let it play. Nice upbeat song. Very energizing. Pure Energy. It only took a few minutes to reach the campus where my next client was a professor. Hugh Gaston, Professor of Political Science was actually my 18th client, So I wasn’t being paid for the visit. It was more of a marketing requirement for my business.

I saw Professor Gaston riding along the bicycle lane, probably humming some old hippie tune. But my radio was pumping out Pure Energy. “Here I am in silence. It’s a game I have to play. You and I in silence. With nothing else to say. I wanna know!..”

[Bang!].[Thump ][Thump]

Gaston never heard me coming. Some people began running to assist Hugh as I sped away, but I watched his head split on the upper edge of my windshield. There would be no saving him. My 18th client evidently forgot that I predicted he would be killed by a car today.

If you check my web profile, I never claim to be psychic.

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