By The Fifth Dentist

I spilled my coffee again. What the hell?
Everything seems to be off by 1/2 inch today.
Earlier, when I came into the office, I bumped my head getting out if my car, and everybody looked at me strangely. I guess because I messed up my hair?
And then when I got to my desk, I tried to pick up the phone, but i could barely wrap my hand around the receiver.
That’s it. I’m about to just go home for the day before anything else goes wrong. I just need to clean up this coffee. I need some paper towels from the restroom.
But, why is everybody still staring at me? I have to move faster to get away from the stares.
I am relieved to reach the restroom door. Of course, again, my hand feels so small on the doorknob. But at least I’m in…
…why is the mirror glowing orange out of the corner of my eye?
Oh…my…God! My hair! So wispy and yellow…what have I become? And…who is in my normal body?







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