The Custodian Part V

By JM1284
Todd absentmindedly whistled “Dixie” as he finished cleaning the Ladies’ Room. He put his mop back in the bucket, and grabbed a handful of Southern Baptist Daily Devotions from his backpack. “God out of schools? We’ll see about that!” he muttered. The built-in holders in each stall made it convenient to leave his pamphlets in the Ladies’ room.
Mrs. Garrett was in the hall as Todd exited.
“Todd, I need you to go to the cafeteria to set things up for the Staff Meeting.”
“OK, but I haven’t finished the Mens’ Room yet.”
Mrs. Garrett sighed. How did it possibly take so long to clean a single bathroom? She had her work cut out for her this year. The other Custodians were NOT going to be happy if they had to make up for Todd’s glacial pace.
“I’ll have someone else take care of it Todd. Right now I need you to hustle on over to the
cafeteria. The Staff Meeting starts in about an hour, and we need chairs set out for the teachers and tables set up for food and drinks the PTA is having brought in.”
“OK, I’m on my way.”
Mrs. Garrett entered the Ladies’ Room. “Not bad” she thought. Floor clean, sinks look good, mirrors wiped down. She opened the first stall. Why were there papers sticking out of the trash bin? She looked in the other stalls. Same thing. Religious flyers? Damn, she was going to have to have a serious conversation this afternoon.
Meanwhile, Todd entered the cafeteria and started setting up chairs.
“Hello? Where should I put this stuff?”
Todd turned around and saw a man pushing a cart loaded with food trays.
“I’ll set up tables along the back wall. You can put the food there. Will 2 long tables be enough?”
“Should be. We’ve got sandwiches, veggies and dip, and cookies here. I’ll also be bringing in drinks – a large cooler of Sweet Tea and another with Unsweetened Tea.”
Unsweetened Tea?!? Todd was aghast.
Todd set up the tables and wheeled the food over while the caterer went to grab the drinks.
“Mmm, sandwiches look good” he thought. “And the oatmeal-raisin cookies look just like
Mama’s.” He started setting the trays on the table.
The caterer returned with the coolers and set them up at the end of the second table. He carried a bowl over and set it up near the veggies.
“What’s that?” asked Todd.
“This is our famous Vegan Dill Dip, one of our most popular items.”
Todd’s brow furrowed. “Vegan Dill Dip? Not Ranch!?!?”
“Ranch? Haven’t heard anyone mention ranch in years. Vegan Dill is our most popular dip these days. In fact this whole spread is vegan. No meat or dairy, just good healthy plants. Most teachers in this town are Vegan you know, and it’s starting to catch on with the kids too. You should try the tofurkey and soy cheese on gluten-free paleo bread…it’s FABULOUS! Gotta run and drop off food at the Middle School now.” The caterer headed out the door.
“Oh no” thought Todd, “it’s worse than I thought. This is going to be my most difficult mission yet.” He walked over to his cleaning cart, reached into his backpack, and grabbed the 5 pound bag of sugar he always carried ‘just in case.’
“Unsweetened tea, what a joke” Todd said as he lifted the cooler lid.

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