Merry Starnesmas!

From all of us here at Murican Dispatch (you know – me) a very warm, genuine, and very enthusiastic Merry Christmas! I’d like to take this time to shake you all vigorously by the hand, following that up with a lingering hug that lasts just long enough to perhaps be deemed inappropriate, or at the very least, uncomfortable.

My best to you and yours this Saturnalia and I hope Jesus brings you everything you wished for from Bass Pro Shops. Have a blessed Christmas, if that’s your thing, a drunken one if that’s yours, and whether you spend your holiday watching a marathon of white people on The Hallmark Channel, or recovering from a food coma on your cousin’s couch, I hope you are able to do so surrounded by people you love and who love you back.

Merry Season Wreath to you all!

(Yes, that’s the entire head of a roast pig sitting on my kitchen counter in the title photo. Not pictured: pure bliss)

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